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See how you can save time and resources on every step that you take in the system: eCRF building, data entry, and data export; get full control of your study, and feel confident about your data security.

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Since 2013, our team has been formed and started working on data management projects as part of Flex Databases. In 2 years DM 365 has grown into a separate company with expertise in data management and software development. Electronic data capture and clinical trial management become easily feasible with our EDC & IWRS system  MainEDC. Our clinical data management software is widely demanded by CROs and pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Western Europe.

Our product provides quick and easy eCRF building, all types of randomization, laboratory data processing, automated coding, efficient analytical tools to monitor clinical data, etc.

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Data management system MainEDC was fully created by our developers without any third-party acquisitions.

You can use any device to get quick access to the system and have a complete picture of whats happening in your trial thanks to plenty of comprehensive dashboards and notifications.

Get free access to Sandbox to try, conduct an audit, get your team trained for MainEDC and manage your trials in the most efficient way.

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