About Us

Who We Are

Data Management 365 is an innovative software development company with profound experience in clinical trials.

An important part of Data Management 365 policy is to have strong internal competence in Data Management. This allows our company not only to deeper understand the challenges that Data Managers face in their work and make the MainEDCplatform better using the online feedback but also to provide the transfer of technology and best practices to our Clients. Strong competence in Data Management also helps us easier to find a common language with Data Management professionals.

Originally, Data Management 365 started as a spin-off company of Flex Databases with professional expertise in Data Management services and software development. Today, our areas of expertise include the EDC & IWRS system together with Data Management and Drug Management services. In September 2018 Data Management 365 released MainEDC - v.4.0 of the EDC & IWRS system.

Founded by a team of IT professionals, doctors, and researchers with extensive experience in clinical trials, Data Management 365 understands your needs and expectations of Data Management Software from the inside and applies the most advanced technologies to implement this knowledge in our product.

What We Do

We deliver Software and Services for CRO and Pharmaceutical companies. We bring EDC and IWRS together in a single software solution - MainEDC and provide Technology Transfer for a full range of Data Management and Drug Management services.

Data Management 365 Milestones

  Data Management 365 Team started working
on the first international data management project

EDC & IWRS system was upgraded to v2.0. New data management projects were launched on the enhanced system. 

Data Management 365 successfully finished the 30th project on Flex Databases EDC and IWRS system

First submission of study data to FDA

The number of projects is growing: the 300th project was successfully accomplished

Data Management 365 completed the technological transfer from Flex Databases and became the owner of EDC & IWRS system. In September 2018 v. 4.0 of the system was released by DM 365

The number of sponsors reached 110
4 patents obtained during one year
Crossed the threshold 1,900,000 eCFR pages completed
Successfully implemented DevOps and CI/CD practices
179 new features were added to the MainEDC
Created a fully customizable IWRS 4.0 module
A new module Drug Supply Management was introduced
Completely rewritten the Medical Coding Module
has passed an audit by Uppsala Monitoring Centre
on the first try

Our Experience

Over 194,000 hours of software development

1000+ trials managed

90,000+ subjects

in 20 therapeutic areas

I IV clinical study
phases coverage

Successful FDA
submission of study data

Expertise in 20 therapeutic areas

Our Solutions


Integrated, reliable, and functional EDC & IWRS solution for impressive data capture results 

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Technology Transfer

Includes sharing of DM 365' s expertise in data management and drug supply management through our mutual work on the particular projects of yours  

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