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Types of training

Our company provides several types of Electronic Data Capture training.
Each of them has its own goals and objectives:

Comprehensive training for Investigators

  • face-to-face
  • up to 4 hours

We generously share our knowledge and pass it on to our customers. This technological transfer helps them to use the system easily and efficiently. With the proposed training the mastery of our user-friendly system occurs at a higher speed.

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Deep-dive onsite training for Data Managers

  • 3 full days
  • 8 hours per day

During this training, we cover not only the basic principles of working with the system, but also share best practices, as well as useful tips and tricks.
Special attention is paid to advanced instruments used in the system, such as C#, edit checks, statistical functions, advanced build according to CDISC guidelines, IWRS advanced settings etc.
So, based on profound experience in data management of ours.
Thanks to our profound experience in data management, we actually carry out technology transfer, sharing all our knowledge, so that our customers can fully and easily use the system in their own projects.

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  • extended training
  • one-time consultation

It can be both extended training and one-time consultation. We are always ready to support you with system knowledge and share useful tips.



We provide all the necessary documentation to support your self-study.
All materials that are used in the training have been carefully selected and adapted for better perception.

DM 365 is the official provider of EDC platform and training for CRA University

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