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Technology Transfer

           Three days of full-day training for Data Managers are followed by three months of our extended support (which starts right after the training) and, what is more, the Data Management 365 team provides a special opportunity for the full Technology Transfer.

 Transparency is one of our key company values, so the way we transfer DM & IWRS technology completely complies with it. Ensuring smooth and deep dive into the system, Technology Transfer also comprises sharing of DM 365's expertise in data management or drug supply management through our mutual work on the particular project of yours - typically, your first one with MainEDC.

    Need support during your first steps on the platform or backup while working on some sophisticated projects? 

Ask for the full Technology Transfer and get your complex project done on a quick move by our team with complete transparency and demonstration throughout all processes we show and explain every single step that we take during the project setup and provide a detailed description of work in the system at all stages. Special attention is paid to advanced tools provided by the system, such as C# edit checks programming, statistical functions, forms and visits cloning, lab data handling wizard, IWRS advanced settings, etc.


Transparency at every step of working on the project

Quick project launch & speedy adjustments following protocol amendments

Consistent technology and know-how transfer

Validation effort optimization

Ongoing support and analytics

Best practices, useful techniques and knowledge sharing

Benefits from DM 365 Technology Transfer

  • Ensure smooth and deep dive
    into the system
  • Make use of generously shared useful techniques
    and data management best practices
  • Cut down costs and time when working on complex projects
  • Avoid redundancy and repetition of effort 
  • Enjoy full tranparency of all processes on 
    every step of the project


Budget calculation of full Technology Transfer is based on the clinical trial design.
Having CDA mutually executed, please send your protocol/synopsis/assumptions to and get your budget proposal.

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