What is Mentoring Program?

It is your risk mitigation strategy!

Who Is It For?

If at least one of the following is true, we can share your burden and help:

  • this is your first study in MainEDC
  • this is a challenging project
  • this is big study and you face staff shortage

Who will work with you?

Take the expertise and practical help of your personal mentor, a qualified Data Manager / Data Science Specialist with vast experience in administering MainEDC in most complex protocols.

It includes and is not restricted to:

  • forms design
  • auto-validation tools programming
  • configuring Subject's schedule, statuses and notifications
  • user management
  • IWRS and Drug Supply configuration parameters update
  • creating custom listings in the system
  • troubleshooting
  • other DM/DS activities

My first project
with MainEDC

$65 per hour
24 hours


Challenge project

$75 per hour
16 hours


I need help

$80 per hour
8 hours