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MainPACS is a medical image analysis and storage system. The data archive infrom the system can be use by radiologists, traumatologists, surgeons, primary care physicians using their own personal computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The system allows the transfer of patient data from the medical information system to diagnostic equipment and vice versa, which ensures the completeness and availability of data in real time.

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  • Automated synchronization, storage and real-time exchange of the diagnostic imaging results between cases databases
  • Generation of examination requisition forms in the medical information system and transferring them to diagnostic equipment
  • Searching and retrieving data from the medical archive
  • Accounting for the medical diagnostic services rendered

  • The MainPACS system integrates with medical equipment suppliers Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and PACS in terms of the industry standard DICOM 3.0

    VNA vendor independent archive stores medical images in a standardized format with an interface for interoperability and free transfer

  • Compliance with the DICOM, HL7 standards
  • Validated system accessible via a web browser and integrated with medical information systems
  • Administration and Accounting for users, services, tasks and protocols
  • Forms and templates Library
  • Unique patient identification with the ability to integrate into global medical systems


  • Integrated with MainEDC and MainEDC ePRO
  • CTMS integration using API

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