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MainEDC™ ePRO - Patient e-Diary

Try the new MainEDC™ ePRO in decentralized and traditional clinical trials of all phases, pharmacovigilance source data capture, patient registries, marketing and feasibility studies. The system is accessible via mobile apps for iOS and Android or via a web-adapted page without installation.

Leverage your individual, flexibly configurable one-stop shop for simultaneous collection of clinical, drug safety and marketing data.

The system utilizes subject self-registration with or without the access approval step, which is not only time-saving but also allows to expand drastically the search for potentially eligible subjects, even bypassing clinical sites. Intuitive interfaces, good usability ensure users comfort and speed while entering data. MainEDC™ ePRO is fully integrated with the rest of the MainEDC™ platform but it can be used independently, too.

Apply your branding to the platform by labeling both applications at one go (mobile app and web-adapted page) with your logo and style. You can publish the app in the Apple Store and Google App Market under your company name.

Instantly induce high customer loyalty to your brand name. Demonstrate to your clinical trial subjects and postmarketing research audience that you:

  • focus on safety
  • support high standards of clinical research
  • handle decentralized trials in a most advanced way
  • provide good customer care
  • value the feedback
  • comply with regulatory requirements

Invite your customers / study subjects to the web page or mobile app published under your company brand name.
The system supports electronic sign-off of informed consent, personal data processing and technical agreements.

Contact your customers directly, form your target audience, and use the collected data for new markets access. MainEDC™ ePRO will process up to 60 marketing indicators automatically:

  • cell phone number
  • UID
  • IDFA
  • IP
  • MAC
  • OS
  • user location
  • etc.

Adjust subjects schedule flexibly and manage their access on your own or by delegating this to investigators.

MainEDC™ ePRO supports even most sophisticated workflows in access granting, schedule configuration, reminding of questionnaire completion, etc

MainEDC™ ePRO shares the platform with EDC, IWRS and Drug Supply components of MainEDC™, also supporting the MainEDC™ Hi Load technology for larger studies.

The platform has successfully passed benchmark testing and, what is even more valuable, its high scalability has been proven by real practical use in several clinical studies enrolling up to 70,000 subjects each.

Rebranding / white-labeling
for cell phone apps,
mobile and desktop website

All MainEDC™ Data Management / Data Science
functionality is available,
including export to all formats

Subject self-registration for clinical trials,
feasibility studies, marketing programs
and patient registries

Quick and easy adding subjects
from investigator interface

Multi-factor authentication
(SMS / email)

Immediate access to collected data
from investigator and site team interfaces

Compliance with 21 CFR part 11,

Support for up to 100 000 subjects
within a single project

Integration with wearable devices
(fitness trackers, smart watches)

Export to CDISC SDTM,
SAS, XML, XLS, and Module

Built-in medical coding
WHODrug, MedDRA, ATC, and ICD

Advanced API
for external integrations

Pricing Tiers


  • Pricing per study per month $ 999
  • Platform: Number of Visits < 20
  • Platform: Number of Subjects < 50

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  • Pricing per study per month $ 1500
  • Platform: Number of Visits < 50
  • Platform: Number of Subjects < 300

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Pro Plus

  • Pricing per study per month $ 2000
  • Platform: Number of Visits Unlimited
  • Platform: Number of Subjects < 500

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  • Pricing per study per month $ 2500
  • Platform: Number of Visits Unlimited
  • Platform: Number of Subjects < 850

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Enterprise Plus

  • Pricing per study per month $ 3000
  • Platform: Number of Visits Unlimited
  • Platform: Number of Subjects < 1500

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  • Pricing per study per month $ 5000
  • Platform: Number of Visits Unlimited
  • Platform: Number of Subjects 10000+

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Basic Pro Pro Plus Enterprise Enterprise Plus VIP
Pricing per study per month $ 999 $ 1,499 $ 1,999 $ 2,499 $ 2,999 $ 4,999
MainEDC™ ePRO Platform
Number of surveys < 20 < 50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of subjects < 50 < 300 < 1,000 < 2,500 < 5,000 10,000+

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