8 July 2020 News

A message from Data Management 365 in response to COVID-19

Operations Director Anna Polikarova

I've given it some thought and found no regrets about things done or not done. Basically, you have two layers to build processes in, or rather two approaches: proactive and reactive. You've got the basement of existing methodologies being used for years. You develop flexible tools to adapt to the changing environment. Sounds so natural and it really works.

Here in DM 365 we based on our robust quality management system combined with Agile principles. So, when we all had to move from the office to home-based work, only one factor changed: the location. All the rest stayed intact. Yes, we began to use teleconferencing facilities more intensively, but it wasn't something strikingly new. Well, we found an alternative to wet-ink signatures on documents - not a big deal either.

So, we focused on helping others who suffered more than ourselves, as our hands were free and ready. We realized how much on-site monitoring would be affected by the quarantine - so much that it might have stopped ongoing studies (and later we saw that it happened widely indeed).

Our first action in March 2020 was to offer MainEDC customers the so-called COVID-19 Pack, a free first-aid kit for monitors. This has been in use for months already, in 70+ studies.

There were other things I'm proud of - we saved our staff and continued hiring. We stayed home and thus prevented the disease spread.

With all my sympathy for those who lost something very precious and someone very dear in this pandemic, I don't feel I could have helped in any better way than I did. I wish you well, my readers, and I ask you to share your thoughts on this topic, too. 

If there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact me. I am available for a quick reply. 

Warm regards,
Anna Polikarova
Operations Director, DM 365