11 June 2020 News

MainEDC™ Query Templates

So far, there have already been 84 trials successfully launched on our EDC & IWRS platform in 2020. Most of them heavily rely on the COVID-19 Pack we released in March. We appreciate all our customers and partners for choosing our platform for their COVID-19 projects.

Every day we work close with our customers.

  • We just finished our 18th Technology Transfer with a new partner, who is now going to continue with a number of advanced projects independently.
  • Industry veterans of electronic data capture, we are not only focused on developing the platform, we are willingly sharing our expertise with every customer. Indeed, we already provided roughly 400 hours of consultations for our customers data managers.
  • We provide our customers with the platform for quick and efficient work as well.

For instance, we calculated the total number of manual queries that different investigators, CRA’s, data managers, medical monitors, coders and even pharmacists created in their clinical trials in MainEDC™:

  • For the past year there have been 403,892 manual queries raised
  • It takes roughly 20 seconds to manually create a query
  • So, overall it makes around 2,243 hours spent on querying

We could not just ignore that. So, the team, always adhered to Agile values and principles, made the first step at a weekly grooming event – brainstormed the idea.

Result: the issue has been successfully resolved with the help of the new Query Templates feature. MainEDC™ now offers 3 special tags (@, %, #) and editable list of templates:




Three weeks of testing the feature with Early Adopters brought excellent results:

  • The feature speeds up query creation by 72%
  • For example, it can save up to 8 hours of work in a phase III study (450 subjects, 100 eCRF pages and 6 months length)
This feature will become available to all users in the upcoming monthly release.

How much time do You spend on query creation?

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