13 June 2018 News

DM 365 Takes Part in DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

Summer is here and DM 365 Team are heading to one of the hottest industry events - DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting in Boston.

We look forward to meeting clinical data management professionals, discuss all the relevant questions about electronic data capture, randomization and data management services, and give you a quick overview of our MainEDC™ system.

This year we were invited to exhibit at DIA Innovators Hub - as an innovative company DM 365 studies and applies the most advanced technologies in our product.

Meet us at booth # 100, Innovators Hub. The # is quite easy to remember since our product and services are 100% reliable, functional and convenient. And what’s more, coming to our booth and taking part in our enjoyable randomization lottery you will 100% get a valuable and memorable prize. Our lottery is going to be win-win, just as it was at


Drop by and get randomized via our MainEDC™! Check how our IWRS system works and get a prize in accordance with the allocated “treatment arm”.

Inclusion Criteria:

😊 Happy smile.

😊 Interest in clinical data management.

😊 Prone to having fun.

Exclusion Criteria:

😐 Prize-resistant.

😐 Already randomized via MainEDC™.

Our enrollment is uncapped. Informed consent forms will be signed right at the booth - we are GCP and GDPR compliant. A business card is deemed equivalent to a signed consent form.

More surprises are yet to come!

Join us in Boston later this month, June 24-28.

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