28 February 2022 News

Data migration in clinical trials


We are excited to share our accumulated experience in the migration of data and eCRF structure in clinical trials.

If you face non-trivial challenges due to study design and/or timelines, we can help you implement solutions in MainEDC and MainEDC ePRO.

For example:

  1. Cluster programs (basket trials, umbrella trials) with a unified design and a meta-analysis perspective. We initially strive to meet international standards when building an eCRF, which enables us to quickly launch new studies in addition to similar ongoing ones. Starting a new project in MainEDC takes just a couple of days.

  2. If you're switching to remote monitoring in a project outside MainEDC, we can quickly copy your eCRF structure and upload the sites and subjects so you can take full advantage of remote SDV. If you use Flex Databases modules, it's easy enough to set up integration with MainEDC to ensure seamless data exchange.

  3. Need to import data collected outside MainEDC (from eSource, Excel spreadsheets)? Get in touch and you'll have a ready-made eCRF auto-populated with data. Our data analysts will help validate the existing array and identify gaps while there is still time for corrections.

  4. Are you a clinical study sponsor having to change the CRO in an ongoing project? We'll do the data migration without stopping the study.

  5. An exotic scenario has arisen where subjects are screened at one site, but then move to other sites for randomization and subsequent visits? We know how to implement it.

  6. The study design is such that it is broken up into stages or even separate phases, each with a new set of eCRF or ePRO forms? Enroll subjects in one database, and at the right moment by the condition of the protocol you can transfer them to another at the click of a button. As a result, you will get consolidated datasets from different databases for unified statistical analysis.

  7. Does the protocol suggest re-randomization? No problem, we'll solve it! We've already done it.

Email us at and get timely professional help!