8 September 2022 News

Creative Pharma from Greece about MainEDC

In the end of the 2022 year Creative Pharma Company selected DM365 to be EDC vendor for their projects.

We’ve asked Giorgos Tsakonas, Medical Data Manager a couple of questions about the upcoming partnership:

What prompted the search for a new EDC vendor?  

We were looking for a new, cost-effective, simple but yet powerful EDC provider for our new projects. MainEDC fulfills all of our standards to be the "tool" we choose to use for our trials. 

What do you expect from working together with DM365? (Other than direct access to the MainEDC platform)

We expect a contemporary EDC system, compliant with industry standards and ready to respond to any complexity of a project. Also, the prompt and essential response of the support team when needed is always the biggest plus.

Creative Pharma is a full-function CRO with a strong presence in Greece and strategic partnerships with overseas companies.