1 April 2019 News

Are You Backed Up?

Have you backed up your data recently? World Backup Day on March 31st was thought up a few years ago to remind us about the importance of backing up the data regardless of how secure or safe you feel your data and equipment are. Always follow best backup practices such as 3-2-1 strategy if you’re backing something up:

  • Have at least three copies,
  • In two different formats,
  • with one of those copies off-site.

Data Management 365 is in complete charge of the security of data, that is why we apply the best practices in data storage and backup technology.

  • We use GFS (grandfather-father-son) HDD rotation strategy.
  • We perform incremental backup two times per day including weekends.
  • We perform FULL back up every day including weekends.
  • We keep the last two weeks of data (14 HDD), one HDD for the previous two weeks, one HDD per each month of the year and one HDD per each year all the time.
  • Each Monday, we deposit an encrypted (2048 key) backup in a bank safe (out of the data center).

To learn more please check out IT security and infrastructure in DM 365.

Happy World Backup Day!