1 September 2018 News

WE DID IT: MainEDC™ v.4 is already here!

The calendar shows the 1st of September and it means that the milestone of the biggest development in Data Management 365 history is successfully reached. MainEDC™ v.4 is already here!

We spent around 37000 hours to make this happen and we are very happy to share this news since MainEDC™ v.4 has come as a result of an on-going R&D effort, close cooperation with Investigators and other study participants, and hard, meticulous work of the whole Data Management 365 Team.

MainEDC™ v.4 brings new functionality and improvements to the features that are already available.

Some of the new capabilities and enhancements of MainEDC™ v.4 include:

For Data Management and QA teams

  • Automated medical coding
  • Blockchain technology in audit trail recording
  • Overall eCRF management
  • Data export enhancements

For Investigators

  • Enhancements to local labs data handling, including automated analyzers and lab standards loading
  • Subject profile with all basic info and visits schedule
  • Easy access via a separate site for investigators

For Everyone

  • Complete interface and design revision
  • Data storage optimization
  • Significant expansion of reports and widgets capabilities

Look forward to seeing you among our MainEDC™ v.4 early adopters! Request a demo and get special conditions for your clinical trial.