15 April 2019 News

Every 6th Project For Free!

Following our millionth processed eCRF we have prepared something really special.

Get every 6th project for free with MainEDC™ - after conducting 5 projects on MainEDC ™ version 4.0 and higher every 6th project on the platform comes for free as of now.

How does it work?

We calculate the average hosting cost and average duration of the 5 projects conducted. The 6th project will be carried out for free according to the average cost and duration of the 5 previous projects.

For example, the average hosing cost for 3 projects was $399, for other 2 projects - $799. The average duration of 5 projects was 9 months. Thus, the 6th project can be carried out for free for 9 months according to tier Pro (the tier Pro cost is $599).

Free projects can be accumulated and, when necessary, transferred.

Start today!