Catch The Moment With DM365

7 March 2019

Catch The Moment With DM365

Sometimes it’s great to have a short break in a bustle of everyday hard work and catch the moment to get the picture of how much has been done. Reflecting on the previous time period we can say that it was dynamic and extremely productive in many ways.

Here come some highlights and past period achievements:

MainEDC™ - version 4.0 of our EDC & IWRS system - was released. Users familiar with MainEDC™ note its convenience, advanced functionality, and reliability.

We have implemented 10+ new flows and countless system features and enhancements.

Over 50,000 hours were spent on software development.

Our team has grown by 25%. More unique and experienced professionals joined the team, and this helps us to bring our product to a new level.

The number of therapeutic areas we work with increased by 12%.

The number of projects increased by 2.5 times.

Over 365,000 eCRFs (Electronic Case Report Forms) were processed in our EDC & IWRS system.

We aim to continue active development of our product, implement innovative functions in the system, and sustain our team’s professional growth and training. The product backlog for MainEDC™ v. 5.0 has been elaborated, and we are already on our way to its implementation.

At Data Management 365 we are evangelists and active users of Agile approach and methodology. We apply Agile methods to all our everyday tasks: from staff recruitment to software production and we will continue further implementation of Agile practices in all our business processes.

With the integrated and actively used CI and DevOps in our company, another key focus for the near future is to extend the depth and quality of implementation of these technological practices. A completely paperless validated automated software development process and fast IT solution delivery to our clients are also on our to-do list.

Happy clients. Professional team. High-quality product. Excellent service.

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Catch The Moment With DM365